Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Still Here

I can't tell you how many times we've started writing about various things, but have had to stop due to lots of things going on... We have lots of draft posts, some with a few photos & no words, some with just a title & a line or two... It's quite a few, but neither of us seems to find time to get them finished & after several weeks the desire to share those photos or ideas just fades & we move on to the next thing.

Some days are just so crazy... Getting up at 6.30am to prepare breakfast for guests, then doing a full day's clean, returning at about 5.30pm, cooking dinner, eating with our guests & more often than not - chatting away until late, washing up & finally falling into bed at around 1am... I don't know how we do it, but we do. 

The one thing we are doing right this year is making sure that we have 2 days off from going out to work, which is great - though frustrating for some of our customers who desperately want us to work at short notice... 
At one time, Sime would have given in & agreed to us working on days we wanted off. His argument being that we should make the money while we can, but after years of me becoming ill every summer & ending up in hospital last year - he's finally seeing things quite differently. 
He makes me stop if I'm really tired, while he continues to entertain our guests so wonderfully.
Our slow Sundays are always great, we enjoy pottering & chilling out. Most of our guests love that we have an unplugged day too & we think it's also contributed to us gradually slipping away from the computer... We've even lost interest in watching films like we used to! One thing that hasn't stopped though is our love for music & spending so much time with fabulous folks means lots of new music has been discovered, music from all over the world - fantastic!

Another thing we have been doing is asking guests to give a donation for meals, rather than us charging & as our first pot quickly filled... We are now on our second sealed pot, which is amazing!
See Saving For Travel for more info.

Making the most of our free time!

Night, night.

Love Kay & Sime

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